13th annual Tin cup challenge

giving period June 1-july 24, 2020

Thank you for considering a donation to the

Teton Valley Food Pantry through the Tin Cup

Challenge. As you know, many of your friends and

neighbors are feeling the impact because of the

changing economic conditions. You can see it in

the faces of community members as they visit the

Food Pantry, many on a weekly basis.


In the past, the Food Pantry has been fortunate to

receive large quantities of food from food drives

and “Shop For The Pantry” events. Those options

are on hold because the focus is on ensuring safety

for all -- clients, volunteers and staff. Your donation

will help purchase necessary food items directly

and quickly from secure sources such as the

Idaho Food Bank, Broulim’s and US Foods.


You can help keep the Food Pantry shelves fully

stocked, which is critical to ensuring folks

consistently receive food. Your gift supports the

Food Pantry’s efforts to provide fresh fruits and

vegetables and healthy foods for every household.


The Food Pantry is currently using a Personal Shopper model where clients choose from a list of the food items most needed in their household. Then volunteers fill each order. This allows food to be handled safely, while letting individuals choose the foods that are best for their family.


Even as Teton Valley strives to reopen, the Food Pantry is serving more people than ever before. The need has doubled. In 2019, children, adults and seniors used the Pantry 2457 times. Already in just the first five months of 2020, that number has topped 2713. Economic recovery here may be uneven which means many people will continue to rely on the Food Pantry for months to come. Our goal is to be here for the long haul, providing food security for anyone in need.

Your donations allow TVFP to provide a safe, reliable source of food to local low-income families and individuals in a respectful manner and convenient location.  Administrator Sue Heffron leads day-to-day operations at the Food Pantry where a large group of dedicated volunteers help with food stocking, packaging and distributions.

Donations may be made online at: www.TinCupChallenge.org or mailed to: Community Foundation of Teton Valley PO Box 1523 Driggs ID 83422.

With sincere gratitude to you,

Teton Valley Food Pantry Board of Directors.

Deb Adams, President

Elaine Moehring, Vice President
Lisa Wagener, Treasurer

Monica Hoth, Secretary

Paul Kelly

Ryan Kunz
Bob Copyak

Barb Larkin

Gabby Hermosillo

Anne Fortier