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Food pantry assistant

Position to remain open until filled

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Job Description: Food Pantry Assistant

Summary: The food pantry assistant reports to and is under direct supervision by the Food Pantry Board of Directors and works collaboratively with the administrator to ensure smooth and efficient operation of the food pantry. Responsibilities include receiving and stocking food deliveries, leading food distributions, recording food distribution data, monitoring food inventory, ensuring compliance with confidentiality regulations, sanitation and safety protocols, and ensuring all clients, volunteers, and other employees are treated with dignity, respect, and compassion. Bilingual or competent Spanish-speaking skills are highly desirable.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. Works with and may take direction from Food Pantry Administrator to ensure all priority tasks and objectives are completed and the food pantry is always able to accomplish its mission.

  2. Maintains compliance with annual training as required.

  3. Follows procedures for sanitation and safe food handling practices.

  4. Routinely evaluates food pantry inventory and provides feedback to the Administrator.

  5. Assists in receiving and stocking pantry items upon delivery.

  6. Routinely leads food distributions based on scheduling and other requirements: opens pantry,

    provides tasks for volunteers and ensures that procedures are followed, sets up the infrastructure for distribution, greets clients, accesses and inputs client data in pantry databases, ensuring accuracy and confidentiality, secures pantry at the end of the distribution.

  7. Creates and assures a safe working environment for self, volunteers, and clients in accordance with all applicable health, safety, civil rights, and employment laws.

  8. Coordinates and meets at least weekly with the food pantry Administrator.

  9. Acts as a professional representative of the organization.

  10. Performs all duties of the Pantry Administrator (PA) if the PA is not available due to sickness,

    Paid Time Off, unforeseen emergencies, or other reasons.

  11. Performs other duties as assigned.

Equity and Inclusion:

• Demonstrate the initiative to learn and enhance skills that promote inclusivity, cultural competency, and a commitment to providing fair, unbiased, and respectful services for all food pantry clients.
• Participate in intentional learning efforts, including events relating to understanding and dismantling ALL cultural and racial bias and building respect for all.

• Internal: Frequent contact with volunteers. Communicate regularly to receive and provide information.
• External: Primary contact with food bank clients, and frequent contact with donors, vendors, and stakeholders.

Skills/Competencies: Strong communication and people skills are required, ability to speak Spanish competently is important. Individual must understand the importance of collecting and maintaining the confidentiality of data related to pantry services and reporting requirements. Individual must be able to follow written SOP’s and procedures outlined by the Administrator. Candidate must represent TVFP with professionalism when interacting with clients, volunteers, community members, and other staff.

Work Hours and Benefits:

  • This is a part-time position requiring 15-20 hours per week at $15-$18 per hr. Distribution days,

times, and required hours may change based on the needs of our community, clients, culture, and other factors.

  • If a Federal holiday falls on a scheduled work day and the food pantry is closed, the candidate will receive pay.

  • TVFP does not provide health insurance or vacation for this position.

  • TVFP offers a Simple retirement plan that allows pre-tax contributions up to $19,500/yr.


Physical Demands:

  • Often food items are packaged in bulk containers up to 50 lbs. The candidate must be able to move

    heavy containers in and around the food pantry.

  • Frozen food items may be at temperatures below 32 degrees F. Candidate must be able to move

    these items in and around the food pantry (cold gloves are available).

  • Safety practices may require the use of masks, gloves, harsh chemical disinfectants.

  • Ability to handle stressful situations with composure.


Items Issued for Position:

  • Keys and codes for pantry entrance

  • Passwords for access to databases

Please submit your resume by email to

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